Initial Feedback

  • Payment portal is not very robust. First time, we forgot to select Visa (radio button), and the payment failed. As a result, all the information we entered was reset and we were subjected to a token-expired issue, so we used a different computer to put in the payment info. Was very tedious and not very forgiving. Took us 3 tries before it worked.
  • Inexplicably, after upgrading to a paid membership, the 3 other non-admin users were no longer connected to the project and I had to re-add them. I realize the trial has unlimited users and 2GB, but we were only 4 users. It shouldn't have reset them.
  • The project tab should display the actual size each project is taking. We can see it on a global basis in the billing section. Also sometimes it doesn't show the actual size... it was showing like 60KB instead of the actual 6.4GB we're using. Refreshing it would seem to correct it.
  • I'd like to be able to change user names.


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