Can I choose af different planning folder for a child

In the project methodology is standing:

Depending on the need, TeamForge supports moving child artifacts into increasingly granular planning folders without moving their parents. As an example, an epic can be parked in the release backlog while its user story children are placed into specific iteration backlogs. This is a key advantage of TeamForge.

Can some one tell me exactly what I can do in different planning folders. I have createde a planning folder called A under my root folder. I place my parent case in there. Then I creat folder B still ind the root folder. I place my child there, and then I get this message:

"The artifact could not be assigned to the selected planning folder because its parent artifact is assigned to a planning folder in a different folder hierarchy."

I can make this succesful if I put my child i folder B when this folder i ranking under A, but is that the only way to keep the connection parent child, from master user story, to tracks ind different sprints ? In my world it would have been nice to have my Master userstory in at product backlog, and then different user stories could have been put together with others from other master userstorys, in the same sprint planning folder.





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