Scheduled Cloudforge maintenance - Teamforge service (19-09-2019)(Completed)

Time: From 19-09-2019 2 p.m IST to 19-09-2019 6:00 p.m IST.

Duration: 4 Hours

Description: We are switching over the Teamforge service to new updated environment to serve you better.  We are going to perform the activity in two phases.  This is the second phase and the rest of the customers using teamforge service will get migrated over to the new environment.  As part of the migration, the IP address  for the service will get change.  The DNS TTL is adjusted to have minimal impact during the change.  Only the teamforge service for few customers will be impacted during the scheduled maintenance window.  The service will be impacted for two hours within the scheduled maintenance window.  Please contact CollabNet support for any questions.  We will provide you an update when the maintenance is completed.

Update: Maintenance is completed and service is up and accessible. Please file support case for any issues.

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