Unable to make payment.

CloudForge billing system will charge the card saved on account for open invoices every night at 04:30 am as a scheduled task. It is not possible for users to make a manual payment from the web UI or from the back-end billing system.

Billing system will send you mails when ever the payment/transaction is declined to the account owner or a billing contact. If the payment is not made after all the notifications, our billing system will automatically block project access to users once the account status changes to 'overdue'. Please write to our sales team cbu_billing@collab.net if you need any urgent assistance with clearance of your payment .


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    AVID Center

    Hi, I've updated my account information. Please transact tomorrow and let me know if payment doesn't go through. Thanks.

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    Rohan Mitchell

    I received a total of ZERO email notifications that my card had expired, or that payment was overdue.

    If it's not possible for users to make manual payments from the web, then don't put a "Make payment" button on the billing page.

    If you're going to have a "suggest an idea" link (so that you know, I can suggest the above) then make sure the link goes to a valid page.

    I guess I will have to wait overnight to see if your rubbish system makes the payment

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