Domain name change.

"Change my account name" -  change in domain name possible, however, there is an associated fee:

A change in Domain name is possible, however, it is not a standard process (it's actually an account migration), and it incurs into a chargeable amount (to be worked out with our Services team).

What's a Domain?

The domain (aka organization short name) uniquely identifies your access URLs for our services.  It is also used as part of the login. (i.e. -- the domain would be 'mydomain')

Steps needed to process the account migration to your new Domain:

  1. Customer creates a New Account with the correct new Domain name.
  2. CloudForge will migrates repositories & data to the new account.
  3. CloudForge will migrate billing information to the new account.
  4. Customer has to create new users, groups, reset security themselves (Users/Groups and Permissions cannot be imported, and need to be recreated by the account owner...most likely you).

This is the process to change your domain name even if it is a newly created account with no data.  Note that free plans are not qualified for this service.


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