Upgrade or Downgrade payment plan.

Please go through this link to know the clear differences between our plans http://cloudforge.com/pricing. In this link click on 'Details' button under 'Compare plans' section to get the complete details.

Upgrade : Account owner's can upgrade their account to " Standard Plan " without any loss of files/data from the cloudforge application. i.e : app,cloudforge.com

Click Admin -> Billing -> Click 'Upgrade Account' -> Click one of the boxes that says 'Standard Plan' or 'Professional plan'

Once the plan you need is high lighted in blue , you will be able to click the drop down and select the number of users. 
Then proceed further with clicking 'Continue'.

Downgrade : This option is not available in the UI currently, since there are many changes that needs to be manually done in our billing engine. Hence if a account owner wants to change their plan from 'Platinum to Gold' or 'Gold to Standard' , they should file a support ticket in help.cloudforge.com.



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