Custom Domains setup

On CloudForge

Login to CloudForge as an Admin > Click on Admin menu > Global Settings >  Under Domain Management: Click Custom Domains > in the Base Domain text box enter your company domain ie: '' > Update Settings




On your own DNS server

For this to actually work, you also will need to map your domain "" to each of the relevant URLs (one per service) in your DNS server.

In CloudForge, our custom URL naming structure is: "<>". Therefore, an svn repository owned by your company "Superstar" called "repo1" would be reachable at:

To enable this, you will need to go to your own DNS provider and map a CName entry like this:    IN  CNAME   <your_cloudforge_domain>   IN  CNAME   <your_cloudforge_domain>   IN  CNAME  <your_cloudforge_domain> IN  CNAME   <your_cloudforge_domain>    IN  CNAME   <your_cloudforge_domain>    IN  CNAME   <your_cloudforge_domain>  IN  CNAME   <your_cloudforge_domain>


Note: Accessing HTTPS URLs after this has been setup will cause a browser/client security exception, for which you will have to just accept the self-signed certificate. To check the information provided by the SSL certificate is authentic you can click the lock symbol in the URL and click 'Certificate information' .


Finally, if you don't have Custom Domains feature available, chances are it's not included in your plan. Consider upgrading to a Business plan or contact



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