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General Questions

What is a development Platform as a Service (dPaaS)?

dPaaS, or development Platform as a Service, is a platform for developing, deploying and scaling application services, which differs from a runtime Platform as a Service (PaaS). A dPaaS is programming language and framework agnostic, provides e-commerce, secure high availability app hosting, multi-service application reporting, and a direct deployment framework to PaaS/IaaS and private datacenters. A dPaaS provides hosted collaboration and tool services, platform services, integration services and deployment services. (Back to Top)

What is CloudForge?

CloudForge is an easy to use development Platform as a Service delivered by CollabNet Cloud Services. CloudForge provides hosted source code management, agile tools, integrations with popular cloud services, API integration services, and front-ends the deployment to PaaS and IaaS platforms like,, and Amazon Web Services. CloudForge is fast, self-service, and designed to meet the needs of Enterprise scalability and security. (Back to Top)

CloudForge is a new application built on the hardened, multi-tenanted platform that has powered hundreds of thousands of users since 2004. (Back to Top)

What cloud development & deployment services are offered?

Hosted Services

CloudForge provides the following hosted services that can simply and instantly be provisioned for your development projects:

  • Source Code Management – Subversion (SVN), Git and CVS
  • Bug & Issue Trackers – Trac and BugZilla
  • Agile ALM – CollabNet ScrumWorks Pro, CollabNet TeamForge Project

Integrated Services

CloudForge provides easy to configure integrations with the following tools to give you complete traceability with your existing assets:

  • Basic Integrations: Basecamp, FogBugz, Pivotal Tracker, Lighthouse
  • Premium Integrations: JIRA, Rally, VersionOne, Zendesk

What programming languages and frameworks does CloudForge support?

CloudForge is a true development Platform as a Service (dPaaS) which means it is programing language and framework agnostic. It does not matter what type of application (mobile, web, cloud etc), CloudForge provides the platform you need to code, manage, deploy and operate your next development project.

What environments can CloudForge deploy to?

CloudForge Publisher provides a direct deployment framework to any PaaS/IaaS and private datacenter environment. To help you make deployment as easy as possible, CloudForge already has preconfigured deployment target recipes for all major PaaS/IaaS (Like VMware’s Cloud Foundry, Joyent,, Google App Engine, Amazon EC2, etc.) (Back to Top)

Who uses CloudForge?

For over 8 years, CloudForge (Formerly Codesion), has been used extensively across a wide range of industry verticals. Our customers are typically innovative organizations looking who are looking to improve operation efficiencies, reduce upfront costs and facilitate secure distributed software development. We provide collaborative development and deployment services to thousands of:

  • Distributed software teams
  • Small to medium software businesses
  • Development groups within leading Enterprises, as well as whole-company deployments
  • Digital design agencies
  • IT consulting firms
  • Web development companies
  • Universities (Classes and departments, and research groups)
  • Governments, open source projects, and non-profit organizations

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>Why should I use a cloud development and deployment hosting service like CloudForge instead of doing it myself?

No matter how you rationalize it, you will save substantial amounts of time and dramatically reduce upfront costs by outsourcing to CloudForge- thousands of hours per year for the typical 10-person team, while also minimizing risk of data loss or corruption. Downtime, lost data, failed backups, permissions configuring (and re-configuring), patching and installing, cost you many hours each month to fix and maintain. Sure you can do these tasks yourself, but how many half-days can you afford to lose on maintaining your own development IT, particularly when Enterprise-secure plans with CloudForge start at $3.50 per month? CloudForge ensures secure multi-site access, 10-minute backups, commercial support for your open source software, and security-centric policies. Try it out. (Back to Top)

How can I trust that my data and source code are safe with CloudForge?

CloudForge follows and implements best practices designed to deliver the highest level of security to customers. CollabNet undergoes compliance testing across all areas of security: physical, operational, network, system, application, access and data, ensuring your data always remains secure and private. (Back to Top)

What is the “Enterprise-grade” - “high availability” (HA) infrastructure that supports Business, and Enterprise plans?

The CloudForge dPaaS is a high performance platform that delivers an enterprise-grade service that allows us to ensure a 99.9% uptime to our business and enterprise customers. Your mission critical development is supported by 4x Global datacenters with a clustered server environments maximizing performance, reducing latency, and full failover architecture delivering rapid disaster recovery.

Automated backups are taken at regular 10 min intervals of your data and stored offsite. Using the CloudForge push backup service you schedule your own backups on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. (Back to Top)

CloudForge Beta

What does CloudForge “Beta” Service mean?

During the CloudForge "Beta", all CloudForge services are fully functional, and managed and maintained with the same rigor as generally available production services. However, because this is a new release platform, CloudForge Beta Service has no SLAs and may not be purchased until CloudForge is officially released.(Back to Top)

When will CloudForge be officially released?

Our development team is hard at work, and we are on target to release CloudForge officially in the first half of 2012.  The beta period is the final touches on bringing this great new platform to market. (Back to Top)

Will I be able to upgrade my CloudForge Beta account to a paid subscription when CloudForge is officially released, and what will it cost?

When CloudForge is officially released, you will have a window of time to purchase one of our subscription plans and continue to use all of your projects and data without interruption.  After this window, your plan will be converted to a Free Plan, which has only limited services. The prices of our subscription plans are published and available on our pricing page. (Back to Top)

Will the projects and data I create during the beta be available when CloudForge is officially released?

Yes, the projects and data you create during the Beta will be available when CloudForge is officially released. You will be given a window of time to convert your beta account to a subscription plan and continue to work undisrupted. If you don’t move to a subscription plan during this window, you will lose access to your beta data. (Back to Top)

More FAQs for existing Codesion Customers

Getting Started

How can I start using CloudForge?

You can start using CloudForge immediately by simply signing up here for our free beta (Back to Top)

Can I upload an existing code repositories (Git, SVN) to the CloudForge service?

Yes, we allow users to upload svn repositories. For SCM users on a plan that supports WebDAV (Network drive), we allow customers to upload an archive of their "svnadmin dump" file via WebDAV, we will then import your module under your account for you. For other users please contact support, and we'll send you a temporary FTP login where you can upload your module(s) archives. Please note, all customers must contact us at support so we know if there is an upload to process. (Back to Top)

How do I pay for CloudForge?

CloudForge will not be accepting payments until CloudForge is officially released. After the official release you will be able to pay for CloudForge by choosing a subscription plan that fits your needs and budget. You will be able to pay monthly, quarterly or annually via credit card, or by PO (minimum $3,300 purchase amount, and only for annual purchases). You will be able upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time from within the application– with downgrades and cancellations taking effect at the end of your current subscription billing cycle.(Back to Top)

Is there a discount if I purchase an annual subscription?

Yes! If you purchase an annual CloudForge subscription plan you will receive 2 months for free. This discount is calculated and applied at time of purchase (Back to Top)

How do I export my projects, for example if I wish to terminate my account?

You can get backups of your project by visiting the Admin > Backups section. (Back to Top)

Where do I go to get support for CloudForge?

Support will be included with our Personal, Business and Enterprise plans when CloudForge is officially released. For all plans our Support Community and KnowledgeBase is available at For Business and Enterprise plans 24x7 Chat and Phone Support will be available, along with priority 4hrs response for email/portal cases. (Back to Top)

General Hosting

Where is CloudForge hosted?

CollabNet maintains 4X global datacenters, located in Dallas TX, Seattle WA, Washington DC, and Netherlands. The datacenters themselves undergo rigorous compliance testing to meet security requirements, and deliver high levels of availability with minimal latency issues, to customers everywhere in the world. (Back to Top)

Can I choose where to host my data – in the U.S. or Europe?

If you are a European based customer, hosting your source code repositories in our European datacenter is a great option for you. At this point in time, only Subversion is hosted in Europe. All other services are hosted in our US data centers. (Learn More). If you would like to host your repositories in our European datacenters please email (Back to Top)

Can I have a custom URL for my services?

Yes, by default your services will be set with a CloudForge URL like this, but if you prefer you can use your own Custom Domain and make it look like this (Check this article for more info: link to the help article (Back to Top)

Are there any bandwidth limitations?

We do have some flexible bandwidth limitations to prevent abuse and attacks. However, historically no customers have every had their access restricted due to the limits, primarily because our customers are typically modifying very small file (source code). Even with large repository (20+ GB) multi-user accounts (100 developers) have not overloaded our servers or exceeded our bandwith quotas (typically 5TB per month per server). (Back to Top)

In which USA states is sales tax applicable?

Codesion is required to collect sales tax in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington.  Codesion has “nexus” or presence in these states, so an obligation to collect and remit taxes exists in these states. (Back to Top)

How much does additional storage cost?

If you are running low on storage, additional storage is available for an additional cost. Please Contact Sales for pricing and additional information. (Back to Top)

Security & Integration

Is the CloudForge infrastructure and architecture verified by an external third-party security auditor?

Our datacenter, where our servers are housed, is SSAE-16 compliant ( Our subscription billing and credit card processing facilities are managed by, a PCI-compliant online billing vendor.(Back to Top)

How can I use manage user access to my projects, and do you offer fine-grained permission support?

CloudForge provides a sophisticated, yet simple to use, role based access control giving your granular permissions for all projects, tools, services and actions for each of those. Permissions can be assigned to individuals, groups or roles making sure that users only have access and control to those items they are entitled. This makes managing 3rd party contractors and distributed developers a simple and secure task. (Back to Top)

Does CloudForge maintain APIs that I can use to integrate into my own apps or platform?

The CloudForge dPaaS provides direct programmatic access to system functions and custom information using a simple, powerful, and secure application programming interface (API). Use our API to interact between your existing systems and CloudForge servers. (Back to Top)

How do I integrate CloudForge with my existing agile or tracker tools?

CloudForge provides integration services will other leading tools giving you the ability to easily leverage your existing assets. You can simple configure the details of your existing system within CloudForge and create traceability across the systems. Integrations available include VersionOne, Rally, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, FogBugz and Basecamp. (Back to Top)




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