My Credit Card is being declined in CloudForge

Why is my Credit Card failing in CloudForge?

There are many reasons, including issues with your card or bank account. However, in some cases, due to bank restrictions, a valid credit card could be declined in our site.

If you credit card is being declined, please try entering another card. But if the issue still persists, please simply email us

What do I do if my Credit Card keeps failing?

Pretty simple... just email us - and let us know you've been trying to pay. Our support team should be able to offer you some alternatives to pay.

What if my Card Fails online, and I don't follow up?

Unfortunately, if this is not resolved your service will eventually be interrupted. Your CloudForge account can be in grace period for up to 30 days since an invoice is created. However, if payment is not applied beyond that date, your service will be unfortunately interrupted.

If you have any questions, please email us to


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