Information Regarding CloudForge Backups and CloudForge Archived Snapshots

CloudForge Backups

-CloudForge has an automated Operational Backup system available

-This is for redundant fail-over in case your repository server has issues

-See "10/30 Operational Backups", "On Demand Snapshots", and "Push Snapshots" > Feature Tour > Platform & Backups

-'Operational Backups' are not available for customer use

-Custom Archival 'Snapshots' are an option for our customers to download


What are Snapshots, and Who Has Access to These Snapshots?

-The archived 'Snapshot' feature is available to Standard Plan and above

-These snapshots are taken directly from our Operational Backup servers on a 24 hour cycle

-See the following for plan options and select 'Details' under 'Compare Plans':


Accessing your Snapshots:

-If you are entitled to Snapshots, you may access these through the respective project/service page on the CloudForge UI

-Snapshots are made available from the previous day's backup

-These may take up to 24 hours to be readily available from the time of request-See the following for instructions:


Cancelling your Account?

-If you have a Standard or Professional Plan, it is recommended to export your data before cancellation.  Otherwise, your data will be wiped per cancellation process.

-When you cancel, you also agree to the following terms: "Cancel my account and delete my data", unless you opt to convert to a free account. 

-Billing > Current Plan > Change Plan > "Want to convert to a Free account or Cancel your account? Click here"

-Free and Trial accounts do not have the benefits of Professional and Standard Plans


I Deleted My Project and Repository!

-If this is the case, unfortunately you will no longer have your data

-Why? It is assumed that you no longer need this data when you delete the project or service


Limited Liability and Terms

-There is no guarantee that we provide this data 100% to you.  (see "Limitation of Liability":


Any further questions regarding Backups, feel free to contact Support or your Account Manger




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