Transferring Account Ownership

Transferring Account Ownership

Leaving the company? Simply wish to change Account Owner?  Are you the business owner and wish to remove a former employee while transferring account ownership to you?  Yes, we can do this for you.


What Steps Do I Need to Take?

-We will need to verify approval from the Account Owner and will need a request from the Account Owner's email address.  If you are the Account Owner, you can make this request directly.  Please create a Support request, or contact your CloudForge Accounts Manager here at CollabNet.

-If you are the business owner and you have an employee no longer with the company who is the Account Owner and wish to transfer ownership,  you will have to get in touch with your Accounts Manager as they they will have to approve this request.



User being transferred account ownership to will have to be created or already exist in your domain.


Any further questions, feel free to contact us regarding this.



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