Manage Roles and Permissions

General Project Access (Standard Plan only)

Standard plan users can provide general access for a user to all the services within the project by adding the users to the respective project.

Go respective Project and select Users option and add a existing user or Invite a new user or create a new user by providing the requested details. You can also choose the groups option to add a existing group to the particular Project.





Permissions Menu (Professional plans only)

The Admin-->Permission and Admin-->Manage Roles option are available for Professional plan and Admin users can access this.



1. Use Admin-->Manage Roles option to create a new Role with needed Service(GIT,SVN,Trac) Admin or Read-only access apart from the pre defined roles and save the role with the needed reference name. Eg.SVN Engineer role for users who would need SVN Read/Write access.


2. Use Admin -->Permission option to provide in-depth path based permission as in below link



On the same page, you can also find the option "View all user permissions" which will give you the list of users having permission in that level which is selected. By using the "View details" option you can "Revoke" any permission at that selected level for any user including Admin (Removing a Admin user will make the user not accessible to this location completely) You can also "Reinstate" revoked permission.



And then you can select the needed Roles, Users, Groups on the next following steps and finish the process. Once this is made the needed users or groups will have access the provided path.


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