Cloudforge UI vs. Services User Login and Case Sensitivity

Cloudforge UI vs. Services Login


You may or may not have noticed, but you may be able to log into the Cloudforge UI with indifference to case sensitivity.


Although this is the case while logging into the Cloudforge Dashboard, the login name is indeed case sensitive for all services, SVN, Bugz, etc. as configured in Cloudforge. You can check the configured login for Users on the Manage Users page:


Admin > Manage Users > (user name) > Login


If you do use the incorrect case to log into any services, you may receive a 404, or other http error.

(For reference, my login is 'bobshak', all lower case)


The only exception is when you log into the Cloudforge UI.  While it allows you both, please use the configured login and note case sensitivity as much as possible to avoid confusion.


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