CloudForge's IP Whitelist feature

What's CloudForge IP Whitelist feature?

This feature will allow to limit what network addresses can access your CloudForge services. (IP Whitelist is only available for Professional Edition plans or above).

This is very useful if your organization has strong requirement over what network your users use to access your data in CloudForge. You can set these IP to specific ones (like your building public IP), or a set of IP.

Most CloudForge services and protocols are filtered by this feature, please review this table for the services filtered:


Notes: CVS and GIT are available via SSH, and those protocols are not filtered by the IP Whitelist feature)
Our main webapp - - is also not filtered.
HTTP can also be completely block by "Block HTTP" feature on the Security tab. 

How to set it up?

First, you need to be in a Pro plan or above. Also, to ease testing during Free Trials, this feature is disabled for Free Trials.

Click on Admin menu > Global Setting > Domain Management: IP Whitelist > Enter the IPs > Save



This feature will effective limit access to CloudForge services from any other IP that is not listed. So inform your users about using CloudForge from this IPs only.

This limitation also includes some other CloudForge services (like Publisher or ViewVC) to even access your data. So please include the following IPs to make sure the below services are still running when IP Whitelist is turned on:

ViewVC IPs:

CloudForge Publisher IPs:

We're working on having this last step automated. However, in the meantime, please add the above IP's



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