Directory level permissions (Gold/Platinum accounts only)

Question : I have added a user to my project but I would like the user to have access to only 'brances' directory inside the SVN repository. The user should not have access to any other directories or services inside this project.

Answer : Even though the user is a member of this project, it is required for the user to have (R/W) permissions given by an administrator to access any service/directory .  Please follow the below steps.

Note: This feature is available only for 'Gold' & 'Platinum' customers.

Click Admin -> Permissions

" Step 1: Find a target to attach your roles to."

Here from the list of projects, select the project where we want to give permissions to the user and the click on the service.

In this case it is SVN.

Once SVN is selected, Click next button.

"Step 2: Choose the roles you want to assign"

Here, choose either 'SVN Developer (R/W)' or 'SVN Viewer (R)' depending on your requirement and click next,

"Step 3: Assign the users you want to assign roles."

Select the user with a check in front of the full user name and click next,

"Step 4: Assign the groups you want to assign roles."

This is optional, You may or may not make this user a part of a group.

Please save the changes by clicking "create advanced role assignment" in the next page.


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