Creating CloudForge Projects (Adding Users and Services to it)

Create Project and Add Services to it.

On the Dashboard simply click on "Create Project"  or "Projects > New Project"




Choose a name for it (1) and the system name would be automatically taken by the app (2).

Also you have optional choices to add a SVN repository or GIT repository while creating the project. (3)

You can select TeamForge service, if it is going to be a part of your project. 

Note: You can always add these services even after creating the project.




If you further scroll down the page, you can see, you have option to add user and group to the project you are creating. Also you can add services like Bugzilla, Publisher, etc.  In the same box, you have 'Select Integration' dropdown to select external integration like Jira, Fogbugz , zendesk , etc.

Note: You can always add users, groups, integration and external integrations even after creating the project.

And once you click 'Create Project' button, it will create the project.






Note About Creation Times

Normally it takes about a minute from when you create the project to when it becomes available for use, but on occasion during periods of heavy load this can take up to 30 minutes.



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