Verifying Email address for new account

When you create a new account and login, the system will ask you to verify the email address before accessing any links. Only when you verify the email address, you will be able to access the account and until then your account status will be 'Invalid Owner'.

To verify your email address, you will have to follow the below simple steps. 

Once you logged into, in the front page you can see a warning message asking to verify your email address, following an empty box to type the verification code. Below this box, you can see a link, which says 'Send Verification code'. Click on this link and you will receive an email with the verification code and link, to the email address associated with your user account. You can either copy the verification code from email and enter it in the empty box and click on verify your email address link found next to the box or you can simply click the verification link, that you can find in the same email, which will verify your email address and open the email verified page.

Note: If you did not receive email after clicking 'Send verification code' link,  please check you spam folder. If it is not found even in the spam folder, then please try changing your email address associated with your email address and click 'Send verification code' again. To change your email address, login to, click on your username found in the right top of the screen, and select  ' My Profile' from the dropdown and click Edit --change your email address and save it. 

If all the above steps did not work, feel free to raise a support ticket and we will be happy to help you with your query.


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    Charlton Chen

    My email received a verification code which is not working. Not sure what else I need to do? My email is, domain is begeiste.

    Thank you

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