CloudForge Signup - Organization Name vs. Domain

When signing up for a new CloudForge Account, you may be faced with the question, "What is the difference between 'Organization Name and 'Domain?'.

Simply, the Domain will be the name in which your Account Name will be saved in CloudForge database and will be used as your Domain login. The Organization name is primarily for your reference and your Company's Billing and Users reference. Once created, the Domain name cannot be changed since this value is referred to in many tables in database.



Your Account/Domain name will never change.  However as an Account Owner/Billing Admin, you will be able to change your Organization name for Billing purposes.  This will be displayed under your User Profile as well.



In order to change your Company's name, simply navigate to the 'Billing Info' page:

Admin > Billing > Billing Info > update info > Organization Name




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