Remove a user from a project

When you remove a user from a project, all items such as tasks and tracker artifacts that were assigned to the user are re-assigned to None.

An account owner should be able to manage a user's access to any project.
  1. Click 'Project's' in the and select 'Permissions'.
  2. Click on the project from which you intend to remove user's Membership.
  3. Click 'manage' button in 'Users' section
  4. From the list of current project members, select the user you want to remove and click Remove.
The user is now removed from the project.


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    Sergio Morales

    is necessary at least a basic plan of $2 to remove users?

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    Andrei Radulescu

    No, you don't need a basic plan to remove the users.

    You have to go to Dashboard ( > Manage Users (dropdown) > Edit Users

    There you can select the users and delete, disable and enable them.

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    Adam Green

    Unfortunately removing a user from a project still makes the project available to view in the list of projects when using teamforge.


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    Hi Jimmy,

    I do not see that you have added any SVN repositories in your account. Please let me know the name of the project you are having issues with. I will be happy to help you in further.

    Thank you,


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    Shweta Agrawal

    I cannot have different users for different projects -- its ridiculous! When I created a new project, it inherited all the users from the old project. When I deleted the user from the new project, he got deleted from the old one too! 

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    Vlad Savchenko

    I've been trying to remove a user from a project. While system reports that the user has been removed next time I login I still can see the same user in a project. Looks like it doesn't really remove a user.

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