What can I learn from a capacity chart?

The capacity chart shows the project team's judgment of how much work can be done with the resources available and the time period represented in the planning folder.

  • When you compare average capacity with individual users' assignments, you can see which team members are relatively over- or under-assigned. You can also see how much of the estimated and remaining effort is unassigned.
  • Comparing average capacity with the relative priorities of artifacts is one way to gauge your team's ability to deliver the work that the product owner has defined.
  • When you view average capacity against the count of open and closed artifacts, you have another way to assess your team's likelihood of meeting its sprint commitment.

The data behind the capacity chart is updated in real time, so that your team can respond quickly to changes in effort estimates or relative priorities.

Capacity is expressed as a numeric value, using the same scale as you are using for estimated, remaining, actual effort accounts.

You can see the capacity of a planning folder in the planning folder summary view.

Tip: A planning folder's capacity must be equal to or greater than the total estimated effort (or total remaining effort) for the artifacts in the planning folder. To avoid confusion, you may want to wait for estimates to emerge before setting the planning folder's capacity.


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