What fields can I use in a tracker?

You can use fields provided by TeamForge, and you can create your own custom fields. Most trackers use a mix of TeamForge-provided fields and user-defined fields.

TeamForge-provided fields

Some fields are provided by TeamForge for all trackers.

System-defined fields: Some TeamForge-provided fields are always present in every tracker. These are identified as "system-defined" fields in the field list.

  • The Artifact ID, Title, and Description fields are system-defined fields. They are always present and always come first when you view an artifact.
  • Some system-defined fields can be reordered. For example, the Priority and Assigned To fields are system-defined fields, so they are always present, but you can move them around in your tracker's display.

Configurable Fields: Some fields are available for any tracker, but can be modified in different ways. These are called "configurable" fields.

  • Any configurable field can be a required field. When a field is required, a user can't submit an artifact without providing a value for that field.
  • Some configurable fields can be disabled. When a field is disabled, TeamForge does not store data for it or include it in calculations. For example, the Reported in Release field is meant for tracking bugs, so you may want to disable it for a tracker that's for user stories. But the Status field is important for any tracker, so it can't be disabled.
  • For some configurable fields, you can specify whether users see the field when they submit an artifact.
  • Some configurable fields need values for users to choose from. You have to provide those choices.
  • You can set the width and height of configurable text fields.

User-defined fields

When none of the TeamForge-provided fields captures exactly the information you need to track, you should create a field tailored to your own needs. Such fields are identified in the field list as "user-defined" fields. See Create your own tracker fields for details.


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