What is a project page component for?

Project page components add functionality to a project page. You can use components to communicate with users or project members, or to invite them to contribute information or resources to the project.

  • Promote a standard lifecycle for all of your projects by using project pages to lay out information the way that works best for your business.
  • Increase developers' productivity by putting the information most relevant to your project right on the homepage.
  • Improve project coordination by combining related documents, graphs, artifacts, and content into single, digestible web pages.
  • Maintain information security. The project manager controls who has access to each of the pages and components.
  • Keep project members informed with live data and content that can be quickly updated as often as you like.

Project pages put the project manager in the driver's seat. You define how you want your project to look and what information you wish to share with your members and customers. Using a simple portlet-like layout, project pages let you add custom HTML content, reports, project tracker queries, and much more to the project home page so your team can quickly access what is important. All your pages are organized and displayed in a simple navigation menu on the left side of the home page.

In addition to customizing the project home page itself, you can also create and integrate additional web pages on the fly. Whether you need a page to display daily status reports or want to publish an HTML blog, a few clicks is all you need. No need to use any fancy tools or even know HTML.

For example, on a project page titled QA, you might have:

  • A trend graph showing the open bugs in your project over a period of time.
  • A Tracker query list showing you what hot bugs are currently in the system.
  • A block of custom HTML content that the QA lead updates daily giving users his or her take on how the quality of the product is doing that day.


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