Can I block a user's access to source code?

From time to time, you may need to prevent a user from using a source code repository.

SCM access can be withdrawn from a user by doing one of the following:

  • Change the user's access to specific paths in the repository. (Subversion only.)
  • Remove the role providing the desired source code permissions from the user.
  • Remove the user from the project.

How this works depends in part on whether the repository is managed by TeamForge.

  • If the source control server that hosts the repository is managed by TeamForge, the user's access is removed immediately.
  • In the case of a CVS server that is not managed by TeamForge, all TeamForge administrators are sent an email requesting that the change be made manually. The request appears in the SCM Access Requests section of the Integrations page for approval.

Both the project administrator and the user receive email notifications when the CollabNet TeamForge when the change is made.


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