Create a tracker artifact

Create a tracker artifact whenever you need to report and track a bug, feature request, support request, or other type of issue.

Individual tracker entries are referred to as tracker artifacts, or just artifacts.
  1. In any tracker or planning folder view, click Submit New Artifact in and select the tracker in which you want to create your artifact. By default, your new artifact is created in the tracker or planning folder you are currently looking at.
  2. Answer the questions posed by the required fields.
    Note: Different trackers will have different combinations of fields to fill out, depending on what the tracker administrator has set up.
    1. Provide a Title and Description that summarize the issue or work item in a few words.
      Tip: Descriptions help users learn how best to provide the information you want from them. To maximize your chances of getting useful data, make your description as informative as you can.
    2. For Priority, select a value that expresses the importance or urgency of the work you are describing.
    3. Assign the artifact to a project member by choosing a name from the Assigned To list.
      Note: If your project administrator has configured the tracker to automatically assign artifacts to project members, you can skip this step.
    4. Select the planning folder that the work belongs to from the Planning Folder list.
  3. Record any other information that may be appropriate. For example, if your project is using a Scrum-based methodology, your project manager may have provided a Story Points field to track estimates of relative effort.
  4. Add a file attachment, if appropriate.
  5. Save your changes.


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