Configure tracker "Select" field values

To help users provide meaningful information, supply them with useful field values to choose from in the input fields in the tracker entry form.

Tip: When you create a user-defined single-select or multiple-select field in a tracker, you add predefined values to the field. You can change these values at any time.
  1. Click Project Admin in the project navigation bar.
  2. Click Tracker Settings.
  3. From the list of existing trackers, click the name of the tracker that you want to configure.
  4. On the Tracker Layout tab, click the name of the field whose values you want to edit.
  5. On the Edit Field page, set up the field values you want you want users to see when they create a tracker artifact.
    • To define a new value, click Add.
    • To rename a value, edit the existing text. If you rename a value, the value is renamed in all existing artifacts.
    • To remove a value, check the box and click Delete. If you delete a value, the value is changed to None in all existing artifacts.
    • Select Default Value to set which option will be chosen if the user makes no selection. When you move a tracker artifact from one tracker to another, the default field value is the value that comes along.
    Note: When you edit the values of the Status field, you are also asked to describe what each value's status means, as shown in the Values section of the Edit Field page. This status meaning is used in Advanced Search to define which values are returned when searching for open or closed artifacts.
    Note: When you change the tracker fields, the values in the existing artifacts remain unchanged.
  6. Click Move Up or Move Down to order the list the way you want it.
  7. Click Save Field.
All values are now available in the selection menu for the field.


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