Update a planning folder

A planning folder is a dynamic representation of a changing situation. From time to time, you'll want to update its name, description and other parameters to reflect changes in the underlying work.

  1. Click Tracker in the project navigation bar.
  2. In the planning folder tree, click the planning folder you want to update.
  3. Use the Edit menu to make your changes.
    1. Give the planning folder a new name and, if needed, a new description, and click Save.
    2. For Status, select a value that communicates where the planning folder is in its life cycle.
      Tip: For a new planning folder, you'll probably want to create a status like Not started. You can create more values to choose from in your Project Settings.
    3. For Capacity, provide a number that expresses how much work your team thinks it can do in the period represented by this planning folder.
    4. Revise the start or end date of the planning folder to match any changes in your project's real schedule.
    5. For Display Effort in, update the unit that is suitable for the planning folder.


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