View the right planning folder artifacts

When a large number of artifacts in a planning folder makes it difficult to find the one you want, sort the list to narrow down the possibilities.

  1. Click Tracker in the project navigation bar.
  2. Select the planning folder you want.
    Tip: If there are dozens of planning folders in the list, try toggling to view only the Active planning folders.
  3. Use the up-down arrow at the top of any column to sort your list by that column.
    • Your primary sort column is identified by a superscript 1 next to the up-down arrow, and your secondary and third-level sort columns, if any, are likewise marked.
    • Click the up-down arrow again to reverse the sort order.
Tip: You can also drag and drop a planning folder's contents into relative positions based on the sequence in which you plan to address them.


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