Associate forum messages with other items

When a forum message concerns some other CollabNet TeamForge item, such as a document, a tracker artifact, a file release, a code commit, or a task, link the message to the item under discussion by creating an association.

Creating associations between items enables you to define relationships, track dependencies, and enforce workflow rules.
  1. Click Discussions in the project navigation bar.
  2. On the Forum Summary page, find the forum message with which you want to create an association. Any existing associations are displayed in the Associations section.
  3. Click Associate.
  4. In the Add Association Wizard window, select the items with which you want to associate the artifact:
    • Enter Item ID - If you know the item's ID, you can enter it directly.
      Note: To associate an object in an integrated application from within CollabNet TeamForge, use the [<prefix_objectid>] format. Successful associations appear hyperlinked.
      Tip: Each integrated application displays its prefix on moving the mouse over the application name in the tool bar.
    • Add From Recently Viewed - Select one of the last ten items you looked at during this session.
    • Add From Recently Edited - Select one of the last ten items you changed.
  5. Click Next.
  6. In the Add Association comments window, describe the reason for the association.
  7. Save your work.
    • Click Finish and Add Another to add additional associations.
    • Click Finish to return to the Details page.


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