Add files to a release

After you have created a release, you can add one or more files. All files in a release are published as a unit.

Project members can download the entire release in a single .zip file, or download only selected files.
  1. Click File Releases in the project navigation bar.
  2. On the Package Summary page, click the title of the package containing the release.
  3. On the Package Details page, click the title of the release.
  4. On the Release Details page, click Add.
  5. On the Add File page, go to the desired file, then click Save. The file is added and you are returned to the Release Details page.
  6. Repeat the last two steps until all files are added.
After you have added your files, you might wish to change the status of the release from pending to active. This will allow users with appropriate permissions to select the release when entering or updating an artifact. You can also change the maturity level if needed.


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