Run a report

Run a report to get fresh data on the status of your project.

You must save a report template before running a report.

When you use the Task & Tracker option on the navigation bar to generate reports, data is obtained from the TeamForge database, and not from the datamart.

The report data is regenerated each time the report is run.
Tip: You can modify the report criteria before generating the report data. For example, you might want to run the same report each week, using all of the same report criteria except the start and end dates.
Note: Report results contain only those items that you have permission to view. Other project members with different permissions might get different results when running the same report.
  1. Click Reports in the project navigation bar.

If you have administrator privileges on the project, you see a navigation bar with Project Activity and Task & Tracker. Click Task & Tracker.

  1. Click the title of the desired report template.
    • The Report Summary tab displays your results in graphical format.
    • The Report Details tab displays your results in tabular format.
  2. To edit the report criteria, click Edit, make the changes, and click Generate Report. The report is automatically regenerated with the new criteria. The new criteria are also saved in the report template for future use.
  3. Repeat the last two steps until you have the report you want.


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