Access Tasks in TeamForge.

With the CTF 7.0 roll-out we have disabled Tasks from the TeamForge UI. Tasks are an old, legacy feature of CTF and have not been updated in years. They were meant to be replaced by the Tracker component but were never removed. Having Trackers and Tasks in the same UI might confuse users about the purpose of each. They were removed from TeamForge in CloudForge to lessen this confusion and make issue tracking much simpler

We are going to phase out of offering 'Tasks' component in TeamForge in favor of the Tracker component. Tasks is a legacy feature that still exists for backwards compatibility . For customers still using Tasks, the data is not lost, the Tasks button is only hidden in the UI. Only legacy CloudForge customers who paid for TeamForge on CloudForge before May 2013 would have access to Tasks, if they have ever used it earlier. If you would like to continue using Tasks, there is an easy workaround to restore it.

Please follow the below steps to restore Tasks tab :

Open the TeamForge project that you want to use Tasks within.

Click on the Tracker button. 
Copy the project path within the URL. E.g. 
projects.spiderpiglevel1_spiderpiglevel1 is the project path 
Please note that the domain will change for each account : https://<domain>
Use this URL with the Project path: 
This URL will open their Tasks application for this project – copy this URL 
Click on Settings in the CTF project and then "Project Toolbar" 
Click on "Linked Applications" tab and add a linked application. 
Name "Tasks" 
Paste the Tasks application URL copied in step 5 and save it.
This will behave exactly the same way that Tasks behaved before. 


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