See the right tasks

Filtering and sorting allows you to find a task or group of tasks using a number of pre-defined fields.

The filter option is available on every item list view in CollabNet TeamForge.
  1. Click Tasks in the project navigation bar.
  2. On the Task Summary page, click the title of the task folder that contains the tasks you are interested in.
  3. Click the filter icon to see a subset of the items in the list. Click Apply after entering your filter value.
    Note: You can use the following special characters to filter data: <, >, <=, >=, and %. The percent sign is used for partial text filtering.
  4. Use the up-down arrow at the top of any column to sort your list by that column.
    • Your primary sort column is identified by a superscript 1 next to the up-down arrow, and your secondary and third-level sort columns, if any, are likewise marked.
    • Click the up-down arrow again to reverse the sort order.


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