Schedule a task before or after another task

When one task cannot be done unless another task is done first, set up a dependency to track the relationship between the two tasks.

For example, if the deadline for a task changes, the tasks that depend on that task can automatically be rescheduled to reflect the change.
  1. Click Tasks in the project navigation bar.
  2. On the Task Summary page, find the task folder containing the task to which you want to add dependencies.
  3. Click the task name.
  4. On the Task Details page, click the Dependencies tab.
  5. On the Task Dependencies page, click Add in the Predecessors or Successorssection.
  6. In the Add Predecessor window or the Add Successor window, choose a task.
    • Enter Task ID - If you know the task ID, you can enter it directly.
    • Add from History - The History is a list of tasks that you have submitted or edited.
    Note: To create multiple dependencies, enter multiple task IDs separated by commas, or use the ctrl key and select multiple tasks from the history list.
  7. Click Next.
The Add Predecessor or the Add Successor window shows the dependencies you have added.


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