Assign a resource when there is no match in CollabNet TeamForge

When you export tasks from Microsoft project to CollabNet TeamForge , if a task is assigned to a resource name that does not have an exact match in CollabNet TeamForge , you will be provided various options for assigning the task to a resource during synchronization.

Note: When a resource name in Microsoft Project exactly matches a user name in CollabNet TeamForge user.
The Resource Assignment window appears during the synchronization process, after you have selected the File > CollabNet TeamForge option in Microsoft Project.
  1. In the Resource Assignment window for the task, choose whether to assign the task to yourself, or to any project member with the appropriate permissions, or leave it unassigned.
  2. Select whether or not you want to apply the resource mapping to all tasks assigned to that resource.
  3. Click OK.

    Resource assignment options
The synchronization process continues.


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