Alert project members about overdue tasks

If a task is not completed by its proposed end date, you may want to send an automatic reminder to the task's owner, its administrator, or other project members.

You can choose which of the people involved with the overdue task get the alert, and how late the task must be to trigger an alert.
  1. Click Project Admin in the project navigation bar.
  2. On the Project Admin menu, click Task Settings.
  3. Click the Alerts tab.
  4. On the Alerts page, specify the number of days after a task's due date that an overdue task alert is sent.
  5. Specify the recipients of overdue task alerts.
    • Project Role Members - All project members who are assigned that role.
      Note: If you select roles or project members that do not have the task view permission, these project members will receive Permission Denied errors when attempting to access overdue tasks.
    • Specific Project Members - Click the people icon to select from a list of project members.
    • Task Creator - The person who originated the task.
    Note: The person to whom the task is assigned receives overdue task alerts automatically.
  6. Click Save.
Overdue task alerts are now enabled for all tasks in the project.


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