Go to a document

If you know where a document is posted, or would like to browse to see what documents are available, you can find a document by navigation.

You can get to documents from your project home page or by searching the project's documents page.
  1. Choose a way to find documents:
    • Look for a Documents window on your project home page. If your project manager has created a document component, you will find all your project documents there.
    • If there is no Documents component, click Documents in the project navigation bar.
  2. Expand the document tree by clicking the + icon next to a folder.
  3. Click the filter icon to see a subset of the items in the list. Click Apply after entering your filter value.
    Note: You can use the following special characters to filter data: <, >, <=, >=, and %. The percent sign is used for partial text filtering.
  4. Use the up-down arrow at the top of any column to sort your list by that column.
    • Your primary sort column is identified by a superscript 1 next to the up-down arrow, and your secondary and third-level sort columns, if any, are likewise marked.
    • Click the up-down arrow again to reverse the sort order.
  5. To view or save a document, click the file type icon to the left of the document name. Documents with file types that can be viewed in a browser, such as HTML and text, are displayed in a CollabNet TeamForge window. For other file types, use the appropriate viewing software.
  6. To view additional information about the document, click the document name.


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