Review a document

To contribute to a review, you look at the document, consider responses from other reviewers, and post your own responses.

When you are identified as a reviewer of a document, two things happen:
  • You receive an email about the review. The details include the due date, whether you are a required or optional reviewer, and any message text entered by the review submitter. The email also includes a link to submit your response.
  • A new entry in the Documents Awaiting Review section of your My Page provides a summary of the review, including the review due date, the project in which the document is posted, and the person who is requesting your review.
  1. Go to the Review Details page by clicking the link provided.
    • Click the link in the email notification you received with the review details.
    • Click the title of the document in the Documents Awaiting Review section of your My page.
  2. on the Review Details page, in the Submit a Response section in the center of the page, enter your response.
  3. If appropriate, use the Browse button to attach a marked-up copy of the document, or another attachment.
  4. Click Submit.
Your response is now submitted.
  • The review submitter receives an email notification containing your response.
  • Your response comments appear in the Responses section of the Review Details page.


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