Emergency Maintenance : Cloudforge UI And API (Completed)

Date / Time: 4th Feb-2013 (06:00-10:00) UTC. 

Services affected: Cloudforge UI And API

Description : Our Hosting provider is performing emergency hardware maintenance on one of our CloudForge servers . The interruption should be no longer than 30 minutes for the services Listed above.

Update: Maintenance was completed and all service are up and running, feel free to file a support ticket if any issues.


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    Rick Gould

    Why aren't all your servers mirrored by now?  Other cloud providers (Amazon, Google, etc., etc.) don't have all the constant downtime and offline time for maintenance that you have.

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    Nathan Crouther

    I second Rick's comment.  In the last couple of months, the downtime has greatly exceeded the 99.9% uptime SLA and it seems like nothing is being done to improve the situation in the future.  Every time there is an unplanned several hour outage, it is just "sorry for the inconvenience".  Is a mirroring strategy being investigated?

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    CollabNet Helpdesk

    Dear CloudForge customers,

     This specific maintenance was requested and performed by service provider who provision hosting services and was not within CollabNet control.

    Regardless we do acknowledge that our outages and maintenance have been more frequent than usual. We are constantly improving our technology and as a consequence we are experiencing extended maintenance windows.  I would also like to confirm that we have replication stratergy for  major services like Subversion, Git and TeamForge and Authentication servers.  Rest assured that our team is committed toward providing you highest level of service. Thank you for your continued support.


    Support Team

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