Emergency Maintenance: eu03svn ( Completed )

Date / Time: 08-01-2013 - 08-02-2013 / 11:00:00 - 02:00:00 (UTC)

Services affected: eu03svn

Description: We are performing emergency maintenance to perform hardware upgrades to the eu03svn server to increase reliability.  The maintenance should be no longer than 1 hour for the services listed.

Update: This maintenance has been completed with in schedule. The services are restored now. Please file a support ticket if you still have any ongoing issues. Thank you for your patience.


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    Mauritz Lovgren

    Hi, we are experiencing very slow access (both read and write) to EU svn servers the last month or so. Writes has been slow for a long time, but as we understand this is due to the synced write towards US servers, so that is acceptable, but recently even reads have become painfully slow (20 - 30 seconds even for simple updates)..

    We have DNS aliases pointing to your svn servers like this: <ourcompany>.svn.cvsdude.com. Could this be causing delays for us? Have tried accessing your svn hosts directly instead but no difference noted.

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    CollabNet Helpdesk

    Hi Mauritz,

    We have opened a ticket to follow up with this #4030. Our internal team is already checking on this slowness. We will keep you updated on the ticket.




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