Outage : SVN and TeamForge [Fixed]

Date : 12 Aug 2015 07.45 AM UTC - 12 Aug 2015 08:40 AM UTC

Services Affected : SVN and TeamForge server

Description: We are facing some intermittent network issues because of which SVN and TeamForge services might not be accessible and other SVN service are accessible but you might experience slowness and our Network Engineers are working on this issue.

Update 1: This issue has been fixed and the service are accessible. Please feel free to file support case if any issues.

Update 2: We have experienced some performance issues with SVN and TeamForge services in the past couple hours. Few customers had intermittent connectivity errors while trying to access SVN and TeamForge services. We have discovered that the issue was with our upstream service provider. Our Operations team has worked with them and resolved this issue, all services seems to be stable and accessible now. Please feel free to file a support ticket if you still see any issues.


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