Outage: SVN and TeamForge Services

Date : 

2:03 PM- 3:37 PM UTC
Thursday, 14 May 2015

Services Affected :  SVN and TeamForge service

Description : We are experiencing technical issues with one of our svn servers and the TeamForge services.  We are working with our Operations teams to resolve this issue and will post updates as soon as this issue is resolved.  We apologize about the inconvenience.

Update: Our Dev/Operations teams have resolved the issue, and you should be able to checkout/ commit your SVN repository.  Thank you for your patience, and thank you once again for using Cloudforge. 


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    Jaco Swanepoel

    This up/down outage has been going on for nearly a week now. Is this the level of service one should expect from CloudForge? Is it time to move to a different Service Provider?

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    VisualAIM Admin

    Is this potentially affecting connection from geographical location?  I'm able to connect fine from US, but my offshore team in South America can not connect... 

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    Chakravarthy Shankar


    The reported issue is now fixed. Again apologies for the inconvenience caused. Our development team are enhancing the performance of the server to avoid issues similar to this.


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