Outage: production database (db01) is now resolved

Date: 01-04-2013 -- 17:45 (UTC) -- ongoing

Services affected: All services, app.cloudforge.com

Description: We are investigating problems with our production database -- right now all services are affected, and there will be outages. We apologize for any inconvenience here. We will update here once we hear more from the engineering team.

UPDATE: We had an issue where our main DB was loaded with bad data, which also corrupted the replication backup and hot backup. Our engineering team worked to restore, and finally finished as of 6:30 PDT (01:30 UTC). If you do come across something that doesn't seem right, please e-mail support@cloudforge.com

Production Database (db01) is now up and the outage is resolved

April 02, 2013 02:04:30 UTC



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