Outage: app.cloudforge.com, TeamForge (Fixed)

Date:  Fri Oct 18 18:30 UTC

Services: app.cloudforge.com, CloudForge API, TeamForge

Description: URL https://app.cloudforge.com/, CloudForge API, and TeamForge access through the UI are temporarily down.  We have our Operations team working to restore access, and we will keep you posted for further updates.

Update : Operations team has resolved the issue as the URL is back up and TeamForge instances should be accessible.  Please file a ticket if the problem persists.  We apologize about the inconvenience.


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    Robert Garcia

    Our network service provider is experiencing hardware problems. We have switched our DNS to point to a temporary host, but this may take 5-30 minutes for DNS to propagate the changes to you.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

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