Trac Trac Anonymous and Authenticated Permissions

Trac users: Anonymous vs Authenticated

In Trac, there are two special inbuilt virtual users: "anonymous" and "authenticated". These two special users can be granted permissions within any Trac instance, and doing so has special meanings: 

  • Anonymous: These permissions apply to all who access your trac, even if they have not logged in. Users who have not logged in can also access your trac instance at all if you have enabled "Allow anonymous access" under "Trac Settings" on your project dashboard within the CloudForge Web UI.
  • Authenticated: These permissions apply to all users who have logged in.

Enabling Anonymous access for your Trac instance

If you have decided that you need to enable "anonymous" access to your Trac, you need to first enable it in CloudForge:

Project Tab > Select your project > Trac > Settings > Allow anonymous access



Manage the 'anonymous' user permissions

You can manage the permissions that apply to "anonymous" only. (For "authenticated" users, the permissions are set via the CloudForge dashboard, if you make changes to your CloudForge users, these will be overwritten by our system):

  • After logging into Trac as a user with administrator access, click "Admin"
  • Choose "Permissions" under the "General" header in the left bar
  • On the right side, grant permission, enter 'anonymous' and select the permission that you want to grant
  • By default the "anonymous" user will only have WIKI_VIEW access, but you can grant access to any other feature. ie: create tickets.



Important Notes:

  • Note that if you edit other users (ie: your explicit CloudForge users), your changes will be overwritten by the permissions you grant via the Roles system.
  • Note also that if you allow anonymous users to update content (create tickets, update wikis), it's just a matter of time until get hit hard by spamming Bots. In this case seriously consider using the SpamFilter plugin

If you don't want these behaviors, or you are unsure of the implications, it is best to remove all permissions anonymous via Remove selected items.



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