Not receiving your Trac SMTP email notifications?

Not receiving your Trac SMTP email notifications?

One thing to check is whether your firewall or security is filtering these emails.  (See following page for 'Enabling Trac Email Notifications':


Below is a sample message thread with details:


"Thank you for the further details. Looking at the logs, we are showing that your email server received and accepted the message by the '250 2.0.0 Ok: queued' string:

My Sysadmin was looking over the configuration settings you have set up in Trac notifications, and pointed out that the 'smtp_from' is listed as '************'. It is suspected that your email servers recognize the domain name '*********.com', but do not recognize the server that is sending mail. So even if the mails are received, they are possibly being held. I would like to test this out by temporarily changing this to a different domain, and making another Trac ticket change.
I would also like to create a test User and add this as a Trac admin, with your permission. This way we can verify whether it is your mail server that is filtering these mails if I receive these notifications.
Please let me know if I can do so."

Account Owner:

"Your sysadmin is absolutely right! The IT guys had firewalls (rules, policies) that held all the emails back!! I just got access to my account and whitelisted the sender (trac)… They are still being held back though… what do you suggest for 'smtp_from’ in order for our server to not block the notifications ?"



Try changing the 'smtp_from' to '' and see if that works.


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