Adding users to Bugzilla

Properly adding users to your Bugzilla (and your project)

To add a user to Bugzilla, you need to add that user to your CloudForge project - such user needs to be part of your CloudForge account.

Navigate to your Project with Bugzilla service, and Manage the users on the Project. Then either invite or add users.



How NOT to add users to your Bugzilla instance

Since we don't want to provide you a super customized Bugzilla instance, there are features like "Add users" that are still displayed in your Bugzilla hosted in CloudForge. In particular, even when this "add user" feature is still displayed, it won't work as expect. In other words, the user will not be added properly, and won't be able to login.

Please don't add users directly in Bugzilla.



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