Bugzilla Roles Based Security and Permissions

Bugzilla contains several default system groups which provides specific permissions or rights in the Bugzilla system to users, below is a list of how they map to CloudForge Roles based security:

Note: Adding a regular user to your project only adds: Access, Can Confirm Bugs, and Edit Bugs 

  • admin - this grants administrator access, for example, editing custom fields, groups ... etc.  In our application, the permission is called Total control over Bugzilla
  • tweakparams - Can change Parameters - tweak parameters
  • editcomponents - Can create, destroy, and edit components - Edit components
  • editkeywords - Can create, destroy, and edit keywords - Edit keywords
  • editbugs - Can edit all bug fields - edit bugs (Part of the General Project Access)
  • canconfirm - Can confirm a bug or mark it a duplicate - Confirm Bugs (Part of the General Project Access)



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