How to Disable users in Bugzilla

(This article is aimed for CloudForge Admin users)

Users in Bugzilla cannot be deleted

Bugzilla users cannot (and shouldn't) be deleted. This is a Bugzilla feature to avoid database corruption.

However, users can be disabled so they don't show up on the drop-down menus (assign/cc, etc) to avoid confusion.

1. First, Delete the user from your CloudForge account:

  • Login to CloudForge > Admin People tab > Delete any user that is no longer part of your organization.
  • After this they will NOT be able to login to any CloudForge service - including Bugzilla. 

Note: You can also simply remove the user from your CloudForge Project instead of Deleting it completely from your CloudForge account.


2. Then disable them in Bugzilla:

  • Login to Bugzilla > Administration > click Users > Search for user ('real name' and typing lastname) > Click on user email ('Edit user...' column) > Type something on the 'Disable Text' box > Update
  • After this they shouldn't show in the drop-down menus.


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