Using Bugzilla in CloudForge

To access Bugzilla for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Project page of the project for which you activated Bugzilla.
  2. On the Quick Links widget copy the Bugzilla URL (click the clipboard icon.


The URL will look like:

Be sure to bookmark this URL to make it easier to access the next time.

Bugzilla is a very powerful and complex piece of software. For more information on Bugzilla, refer to the Official Bugzilla Manual. However, remember that to add/remove or manage granular roles, you should do so from the CloudForge console, not your Bugzilla instance.

Ticket Integration with Bugzilla

Make sure to have a source control also in your project (SVN or GIT), and simply make a commit with the syntax integration. Like this:

svn ci -m "work in progress close[s:bugz, t:23]"

This will close the ticket #23 in your bugzilla instance - in addition to commit your code as well. For more details, please check our full article on ticket integration.

More Info of Bugzilla

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