Remove a user from balcklist in TeamForge

If a TeamForge user is Blacklisted, user will not receive any email notifications from the TeamForge component updates made by other project members even though the user is monitoring certain components like Tracker,Documents,Wiki etc.To remove a user from BlackList in TeamForge, there is an option in user settings page. TeamForge user settings page is currently hidden for some security reasons. If you feel that your TeamForge account might have been blacklisted due to any of the reasons mentioned in this article , Here is the workaround to verify if your account is really BlackListed.


Step 1 : Login to Cloudforge account and access your TeamForge project.

Step 2:  Disable java scripting (temporarily) on your web browser.

Step 3:  Edit the URL from    and make it as below . Note : xxxx should be replaced by your Organization name.


Simply click on your username in TeamForge.

Step 4: Click on the button 'blacklist user' to remove it from black list.

Step 5: Re-enable java scripting on your browser.




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    Sharon Alexander

    this explanation could use more how to disable java scripting on various browsers!   And if the admin can do this for everyone in the organization or not??

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    Alessandro Ogheri

    I do not have even a "blacklist user" anywhere ????

    where it is supposed to be please ?

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    Kristine Birchmore

    I do not see a link, tab or anything that is labeled "blacklist user"  This help article is completely useless to me.  It would be helpful if screen shots were included in case I am looking at the wrong spot.


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